Customer Support

The mission of Leader Engineering-Fabrication, Inc. is to provide quality services to customers, employees, and to the community by practicing the Golden Rule philosophy.


We consider our reputation our most important asset and understand that it is dependent on our consistent superior performance. We accept responsibility for the work we do, and we care about quality and service.


Honesty and fairness may be regarded by some as an old fashioned concept, but it is the only way that we do business. We want long term, mutually beneficial relationships, with trust and frequent communications, before, during and, after the project.


Leader Engineering provides an extensive list of reliable services tailored to your needs. Some of our specialties include:

  • Answering all technical questions concerning all Leader Engineering equipment and machinery.
  • Dismantle, modify, fabricate, repair, and re-assemble Leader Engineering as well as replace old parts.
  • General preventative maintenance on all Leader Engineering and machinery.
  • Troubleshoot mechanical problems during any Leader Engineering equipment startup.
  • Preventative Maintenance- inspect, grease, oil, lube, and troubleshoot all Leader Engineering equipment.


Unexpected downtime is expensive. Our knowledgeable crews are available to deal with emergencies.  Our teams will draw on over 100 years of collective experience in problem solving to get operations restored. Whether downtime is scheduled or unscheduled, we have the skills and experience to minimize lost production time.


Our quality performance and our continual commitment to prompt and reliable service provide you with the lowest cost and best value.


We offer great solutions, but recognize that it’s your project and you must be satisfied with the end result. We will complete projects to your needs, specifications, and preferences.


The safety of our customers and our employees is one of our prime concerns. Our safety record over decades of service is second to none. Proper safety is woven into everything we do.


When you, as our customer, need answers, training, council, ideas, etc. you can count on your partnership with Leader.  Get in touch without hesitation, and we’ll do our best to assist.

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